A savings of about 60%

“My wife & I have a family, make a modest income, and a few years ago we found ourselves in a tough situation. We had 10 credit card accounts adding up to over $34,000 as well as some hospital bills from one of our children’s illness. We didn’t know what to do so we got on the internet and started doing some homework. We came across IDS-Texas and slowly and diligently went through more homework – we called the Better Business Bureau to make sure you were legitimate and reviewed all the materials you sent us and we were convinced this was the best direction for us. After completing the program, we paid a little over $13,000 on all our debt which came to a savings of about 60% and we now have a fresh start! Feel free to use our name & phone number as a reference and keep up the great work – we thank you very much for helping us!”

Katy, TX
Age 37

Jon, Katy, TX