I almost can’t believe it happened

“I went through a divorce 4 years ago and if that wasn’t expensive enough I incurred some medical bills. I was swimming in debt up to my ears and felt like I was about to drown when I did a simple web search and came across your website. After completing the online form, I went through the interview process and then did some thorough looking into your company. All I can say is that everywhere I turned I found good news and solid evidence, but I still had this lingering doubt that a fresh start could really happen to me. Well, after completing the program and settling all my accounts for 35%-40% and saving $38,000 I am definitely a believer! I almost can’t believe it happened, but it did and I’m more than happy to have you add my name to your reference list – have any future clients call me and I’ll share my story & great results. Oh, and one more thing . . . my middle credit score is now 657 and I will continue to take steps to improve it!

Jeff – Software Consultant
Austin, TX
Age 36

Jeff Austin, TX