I needed to get out of debt first!

“A few years ago, I had over $142,000 in credit card debt and wasn’t sure what to do or where to turn. I researched my options and chose Integrity Debt Solutions-Texas because of their vast experience and their thorough knowledge of Texas law. I also had excellent credit that I was concerned about, but I had to do something! After 2 years, I’ve saved well over $100,000 and have credit scores of 604, 590, and 642, which I consider pretty good. I really didn’t need perfect credit these last couple of years – I needed to get out of debt first! Good credit was only sinking me deeper! I’m now starting credit repair, I’ve found out that I easily qualify for a new car loan, and am excited about my future again!”

Terry – Insurance Representative
Dallas, TX
Age 41

Terry Dallas, TX