1. Our fears have now been replaced with hope

    “My wife & I are a young couple starting out with two young children. We slowly accumulated credit card debt that was going to bury us for the next 10 years unless we took some proactive steps. We were very uncertain at first, but now that we’ve been working with Integrity for about 8 months now, we know we made the right decision. Our fears have now been replaced with hope & confidenc…Read More

    Brad & Monica Lubbock, TX
  2. I can hardly believe that I saved 80%!

    “I had some old credit card debt that I desperately needed help with. My goal was to settle them and a friend of mine referred me to Integrity Debt Solutions. The first two accounts they’ve worked on for me were both settled at 20% - I can hardly believe that I saved 80%! If I didn’t see it for myself, I hardly would believe it. You are welcome to use my name & phone number because I kno…Read More

    Troy Dallas, TX
  3. Bankruptcy was not an option

    "Bankruptcy was not an option for us because our income was too high and we didn’t qualify. So I tried to call and work out a deal with the credit card companies, but I had absolutely no success. My minimum payments more than doubled and I could no longer afford to send in a $1,000 monthly payment. I did my research and IDS-Texas was the clear winner for us and we’ve saved more than $40,000!" …Read More

    Ed & Tonya Alvarado, TX
  4. I’ve saved over $100,000 – Thank You!!

    "I had researched several options and none of the other company's math seemed to work. I did a lot of due diligence into IDS-Texas, spoke with several of their current & former clients and saw the good that was done for them and now I'm seeing the good for myself! I’ve saved over $100,000 - Thank You!!" Jack – Retired Accountant Lubbock, TX Age 67…Read More

    Jack Lubbock, TX
  5. God had answered our prayer

    "We had been praying for almost 2 years that God would forgive the debt according to the story of the debtor and the King in the gospels. When we came across your information we knew that God had answered our prayer and He was showing us the way to proceed. We are now totally debt free and free to serve without that old burden around our neck!" Thomas – Missionary Arlington, TX Age 37…Read More

    Thomas Arlington, TX
  6. I highly recommend their service!

    “I entered the CCRE program with 9 accounts, 65K in debt, and a great credit score. At the time, I knew that whatever path I chose, it would negatively affect my credit unless I paid the entire 65K plus another 30K in interest by the time it was all paid off (I had already paid about 40K in interest!). Today, I’ve saved over 50K on the principal, plus the 30K in eventual interest and my credit…Read More

    Lance Plano, TX
  7. A bright financial future

    "At first we felt hopeless, stressed-out, and doubtful that there was a solution to our problem. . . . now, all of those fears are gone and hope, confidence, freedom, and a bright financial future are all here again!" Dan & Kristi – Construction Mesquite, TX Age 43 & 42…Read More

    Dan & Kristi Mesquite, TX
  8. Saved me over $33,000

    "The Credit Card Relief Education program saved me over $33,000, and looking back, I wish I would've started sooner!" Tino – Retiree Encino, TX Age 65…Read More

    Tino Encino, TX
  9. Saved over 60% and now we have a fresh start!

    “One of the main reasons we decided to use Integrity Debt Solutions is that they are Christian based. We have been served in a very competent & trustworthy manner! We had $18,000 of debt, saved over 60% and now we have a fresh start!” Sherri – Homemaker Bonham, TX Age 39…Read More

    Sherri Bonham, TX
  10. I almost can’t believe it happened

    “I went through a divorce 4 years ago and if that wasn’t expensive enough I incurred some medical bills. I was swimming in debt up to my ears and felt like I was about to drown when I did a simple web search and came across your website. After completing the online form, I went through the interview process and then did some thorough looking into your company. All I can say is that everywhere …Read More

    Jeff Austin, TX