1. We will certainly recommend you

    “IDS-Texas . . . I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart . . . my stress level has gone WAY down and I actually can breathe a little now! We just settled our final account with Chase at 35% and I can hardly believe we’re totally done! We will certainly recommend you to anyone that calls us – $143,000 down to $55,000 – simply amazing! Feel free to share our number with ANYONE r…Read More

    Hal & Fran Richmond, TX
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    "I was really backed into a corner with not many places left to turn.....the credit card relief process has given me hope and a bright financial future once again - simply amazing! I saved over $100,000 and some people didn’t think it was possible. Well, it is – feel free to share my name & number with others, I’ll be happy to share my story with them." John – College Professor Irving,…Read More

    John Irving, TX
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    “A few years ago, I had over $142,000 in credit card debt and wasn’t sure what to do or where to turn. I researched my options and chose Integrity Debt Solutions-Texas because of their vast experience and their thorough knowledge of Texas law. I also had excellent credit that I was concerned about, but I had to do something! After 2 years, I’ve saved well over $100,000 and have credit scores…Read More

    Terry Dallas, TX
  4. We actually have a bright financial future ahead of us!

    And whatever you do, don’t say that to Dan & Kristi in Mesquite They were depressed & worried that they’d NEVER get out of debt! “At first we felt hopeless & very stressed…we doubted that there was a solution to our credit card debt problems…now, after becoming debt free all of those old familiar fears are gone and new hope has emerged and we actually have a bright financial …Read More

    Dan & Kristi in Mesquite 
  5. They became the clear answer for me.

    Don’t tell that to Sandra from Fort Worth, TX who was very stressed, very frustrated, and felt like she had no hope. “I had lots of different accounts – one over $16,000 – and huge minimum monthly payments! When I prayed & researched my options, I was led to Integrity Debt Solutions and they became the clear answer for me. They are a Christian-based company, I have received ongoing &am…Read More

    Sandra from Fort Worth, TX
  6. This is a savings of 63%

    Don’t tell that to Danilo in Spring, TX who saved over $37,000! You can call him if you like – just let us know you want to speak with our long list of references and we’ll give you his phone number! Danilo was really backed into a corner… “I couldn’t declare bankruptcy as I made too much money and IDS followed through on their commitment and took my debt of $59,000 and reduced it down…Read More

    Danilo in Spring, TX
  7. I settled two of my accounts for 20%!

    Don’t tell that to Troy in Dallas, TX who saved $17,987 and has agreed to share his story with anyone interested in our program! We helped him cut t out that CANCER called DEBT so he can have financial health once again! Listen “I settled two of my accounts for 20%! I can hardly believe they saved me 80% and if I didn’t see it for myself I wouldn’t! You are welcome to use my name & num…Read More

    Troy in Dallas, TX
  8. Wonderful success story

    Don’t tell that to Jeff & Donna in Combine, TX pictured here who saved over $32,450! You can also call him if you’d like; he and his wife have enthusiastically agreed to be on our reference list and we can give you their number! They have become good friends of IDS-Texas and rightly so – we saved them a TON of money, helped them get a new lease on life, and relieved a HUGE amount of str…Read More

    Jeff & Donna in Combine, TX